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Call for Artists: Venice Experimental Video and Performing Art Festival 2023

Einsendeschluss: 07.04.2023

ITSLIQUID Group, in collaboration with ACIT Venice – Italian-German Cultural Association, announces the open call for VENICE EXPERIMENTAL VIDEO AND PERFORMING ART FESTIVAL 2023, a one-night event of video and performance art, that will be held in Venice at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, on May 19, 2023, during the same period of the 18th Venice Biennale of Architecture.

The Festival is focused on the relationship between body and space, and the hydridization between identities and cultural/physical/social/urban settings in contemporary times.

Artists are invited to submit their works dealing with the idea of identity, creating a link between their personal experience and the audience.

Deadline for applications is April 07, 2023 (11:59 PM your local time)

More information here.

Participation fees may apply.