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Call Open: 2023 Creator Labs Photo Fund

Einsendeschluss: 01.05.2023

[English version only]


Google's Creator Labs and Aperture are pleased to launch the 2023 Creator Labs Photo Fund—an initiative providing financial support to encourage artists at formative moments in their careers. Started in 2021, this second season of the Creator Labs Photo Fund will support a greater selection of artists, with grants provided to thirty artists for new work created in the past three years.

Submissions will be free and open to any photographer or lens-based artist living in the United States, and thirty selected artists will be awarded a prize of $6,000 each. To apply to the Creator Labs Photo Fund, all entrants will need to submit eight to ten images from one body of work, showing a commitment to making a cohesive and compelling series or project. The project does not need to be finished in order to enter. Entrants will not be evaluated on the basis of prior experience, publications, or exhibition history, but instead on the strength and originality of their vision.


More information here.