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5 x 5. Photo Tracks by EIKON nominated for the Bank Austria Art Award
5 x 5. Photo Tracks by EIKON nominated for the Bank Austria Art Award
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Judith Huemer - balance of mind #001

Edition - EIKON balance of mind #001

21 x 28 cm, anniversary Edition EIKON
numbered and signed
Edition: 50 + III

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The starting point of my multipart photo series is the physical and human movement. The interest in creating visual worlds that are determined by a dynamic of directional changes and overlays, of sharp details and fabric blurs. Both in the composition of the images and in the positioning of the photos, I refrain from a defined top and bottom." (Judith Huemer)

In the five-part Lambda Print series "balance of mind," Judith Huemer poses in the studio in front of the camera. She defies the dictate of the comparative by freeing the rebellious individual from compulsive self-reference through her body rhetoric and throwing them into a virtual space. Uniqueness and originality of analog studio-produced photographs meet the digital options of reproducibility in "balance of mind."

Judith Huemer embarks once again on a real, performative, and subsequently media journey, initially leading her to Mexikoplatz and Brunnenmarkt in Vienna. In these marketplaces of various cultural goods from around the world, she discovers colorful blankets from which she produces cozy overalls and wears them for her performance in front of the camera. Judith Huemer steps into the role of the performer herself and faces the challenge of putting the body into various poses.

In the resulting photographs from this studio session, the body and face of the artist are completely veiled and therefore no longer identifiable - a critical reflection on culture and an inspiring reflection on the possibilities of physical manipulations through societal rituals and the media is expressed here.

About the artist's work

In addition to her participatory performance projects, in which she realized a dance video with audience participation as part of the exhibition "Born to be a Star" (2004) in the Künstlerhauspassage, Judith Huemer pursues the concept of examining the effects of performative art projects on their medial autonomy.

Read more about the artist in EIKON #50, 2005, p.14-21, Judith Huemer, balance of mind (Author: Ursula Maria Probst)


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