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Jan de Cock - Studio Repromotion 41

Edition - EIKON Studio Repromotion 41

inkjet print
27 x 32,5 cm, 2009/2010
numbered and signed
Edition: 30 + V

Price: € 690,00 (incl. 10% VAT)

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 "De Cock, who was the first living Belgian to have a solo show (2008) at New York’s MOMA, plays the space with his usual wealth of allusions that reflects upon the exhibition site. The four-part combination of sculptural installation and photographic work allows the “re-promotion” to be interpreted as an exercise of repetition or recalling differences in the similar. But what was  “promoted” or emphasized once more here was not De Cock’s  hyperaffirmative artistic humor, but rather a central problem of his work, which has been exploring the heritage of modernism for some time." (Thomas Edlinger in EIKON #70, S. 32)

Read more about the artist and his projects in the detailed illustrated article in EIKON #70/2010, S. 32-37 and EIKON #41/2003, S. 12 -15.

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