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NEIN zu 20% Mehrwertsteuer auf kulturelle Dienstleistungen!
NEIN zu 20% Mehrwertsteuer auf kulturelle Dienstleistungen!
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Michael Strasser - Look-out

Edition - EIKON Look-out

from the series "Woodworks"
60 x 75 cm, 2010/2012
numbered and signed
Edition: 25 + IV

Price: € 550,00 (incl. 10% VAT)

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"The first thing that strikes us about Michael Strasser’s photographs for
Domestic Sculpture Garden (2010–12) is their tidiness. Shot in a New
York apartment during the short period of time remaining before it was
fully renovated, Strasser removed the industrial wood flooring bit by
bit and piled it up to the ceiling in packets that become increasingly
narrow and begin to twist until the improvised wood tower appears
to be an ironic architectural commentary on the skyscrapers visible
through the window." (Mirjam Schaub in EIKON #80, S. 6)

Read more about the artist and his projects in the detailed illustrated article in EIKON #80/2012, S. 6-11.



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