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Picturing Nature. A Spotlight on the SpallArt Collection
Picturing Nature. A Spotlight on the SpallArt Collection
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Sergei Sviatchenko - The Beatles

Edition - EIKON The Beatles

collages, unique pieces in 4 different colors à 3 pcs., 2015
42 x 29,8 cm
numbered and signed
Complete edition: 12

Price: sold out


“For more than a decade, Sviatchenko has been diluting his collages in several ways. Particularly striking is the transformation of the background into a monochromatic contrast medium, which depends on the sharpness of the separation between the subject being presented and its surroundings. The surrounding field of color accentuates the middle of the picture. It creates a doubled frame inside the picture frame. […] The aesthetics of the gap furthers an irritation of the spaciousness which, in the collage that seems more concentrated due to the uncertainty of its surroundings, cancels itself out. The sharply contoured image construct itself acquires its tension mainly from the collision of body-fragments and objects.” (Thomas Edlinger in EIKON #89, 27)

Read more about the artist and his projects in the detailed illustrated article in EIKON #89/2015, 24–29.