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David LaChapelle: Awakened

Künstler | David LaChapelle

Galeria Leyendecker
Spanien, 38004 Santa Cruz de Tenerife , Rambla General Franco, 86
+34 92 22 800 53 , www.leyendecker.net

von 09.11.2007 bis 11.12.2007
Eröffnung: 09.11.2007 18:00


"In "Awakened" LaChapelle presents us anonymous and common people playing the role of biblical characters ­ Jonah, Jesse, Judith, Sarah -, immersed in water, in a levitating state. The beautiful illumination, their expressions, the wightlessness of the clothes, all that contributes to introduce the viewer into a welcoming mystical dimension. These works confirm a deep emotional involvement regarding trascendent themes, the presence of the divine in the daily life and the idea of the sublime."