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EIKON #84-85

EIKON #84-85

Artists | Aleksandra Vajd & Hynek Alt | Amar Kanwar | Esther Mathis | Gregor Neuerer | Klaus Pamminger | Anna Vogel |

Contributors | Thomas Ballhausen | Boris von Brauchitsch | Rosemarie Burgstaller | Thomas Edlinger | Regine Ehleiter | Margit Emesz | Werner Fenz | Lucas Gehrmann | Matthias Harder | Anton Holzer | Ruth Horak | Peter Kunitzky | Chonja Lee | Andreas Müller | Sebastian Müller | Christina Natlacen | Petra Noll | Monika Pfau | Jiří Ptáček | Matthias Reichelt | Lyle Rexer | Nina Schedlmayer | Walter Seidl | Andreas Spiegl | Alexander Streitberger | Franz Thalmair | Duncan Woolridge


Languages | German / English
Dimensions | 280 x 210 mm
ISBN | 978-3-902250-74-2
132 pages

Price: € 21,00 (incl. 10% VAT)

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AMAR KANWAR | Thomas Edlinger
ESTHER MATHIS | Lucas Gehrmann
GREGOR NEUERER | Franz Thalmair
KLAUS PAMMINGER | Alexander Streitberger
ANNA VOGEL | Monika Pfau


Social Design: Arts as Urban Innovation


Events are always original | Ruth Horak
Illustrated World
The Uniqueness of the Photographic Image. An interview with the Magnum photographer Erich Lessing | Rosemarie Burgstaller
Docudrama of History | Anton Holzer
How Pictures became Documents | Christina Natlacen


The Last Picture Show | Matthias Reichelt
In Memoriam: Peter Dressler | Andreas Spiegl


Hannah Höch | Duncan Wooldridge
Capa in Color | Lyle Rexer
Per Speculum Me Video. Mirror on the Wall | Regine Ehleiter
Gerhard Richter: Atlas Mikromega | Matthias Harder
Children, How Time Flies! Little princes and big girls in historical photographs | Rosemarie Burgstaller
América Latina 1960–2013. Photographs | Chonja Lee
Francesca Woodman. Works from the Sammlung Verbund | Peter Kunitzky
Strangely Familiar Realities: Aris Kalaizis, Gottfried Ecker, Robert F. Hammerstiel | Petra Noll
Yoko Ono. Half-a-Wind Show | Nina Schedlmayer


The EIKON double issue 84—85 presents itself with a new look, and the changes are not just on the surface. In the course of the graphic redesign, we have also modified our content and are pleased to introduce
“In Focus”, our new section focusing on media-reflexive subjects. A fixture of every issue from now on, “In Focus” will have experts recommended by the magazine’s advisory board examine, in collaboration with the editors, the current discourse of the respective subject at hand.
“Documentarism” (curator team: Herbert Justnik and Nela Eggenberger) marks the beginning of this new series. Why dedicate an entire section to this concept now? It has long been apparent that our everyday lives have undergone rapid changes with advancing digitalization. This increasing acceleration has had an enormous influence on the way we interact with images today and leads to massive changes in medialities.
In light of this, the idea took shape to pose questions to various
documentary discourses in the context of an interdisciplinary panel
discussion (cf. pp. 72ff.). Almost at the same time, a major cultural
studies conference taking on the subject of “documentarism” from
different perspectives and in all its historical depth took place in Berlin
(cf. pp. 91ff.). Using Karl Kraus as an example, Anton Holzer, who has
recently written a comprehensive publication about Kraus’s anti-war
drama The Last Days of Mankind, describes how a documentary text can
become indecipherable over time (pp. 87ff.). Ruth Horak, on the other
hand, examines the concept from page 65 onwards in the context of
contemporary art, and presents current works that revert to photographic
documents. Finally, Rosemarie Burgstaller interviews Erich Lessing, a
seasoned producer of photography, a discipline generally regarded as
documentary (pp. 82ff.).

With these and many other articles, we wish you a visually
stimulating and informative reading experience!

Nela Eggenberger
on behalf of Herbert Justnik and the EIKON team

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