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Artist Pages

Wants to Show Something´s Over.
Kerstin Niemann

Crystalline Structures, Temporal Images
Angela Stief

Hic et nunc
Claudia M. Stemberger

Angels of Stealth
Georg Elben

Early in the Morning, White is Black
Ruth Horak

Mysterious Things in the Backyard ...
Jellichje Reijnders

Student Page

Bernhard Hetzenauer
Bernhard Kleber


Vacation from Myself
Günther Selichar

A Dialogue between Photography Festivals

ChristineDe Naeyer

EIKON 2007: The Second Half
Amrei Thaler

Art Market

Review: The 2007 Season
Olga Kronsteiner


Johannes Deutsch: Vision Mahler
Birgit Pelzmann

Lisl Ponger: Imago Mundi
Gabriele Hofer

Ernst Logar: Kärntner PartisanInnen
Naoko Kaltschmidt

Landschaft: Two Collections
Katharina Manojlovic

Reviews (German only)

James Benning: Konzept mit Erzählung
Andrea Winkelbauer

Christoph Lingg: "Stillgelegt"
Herbert Justnik

Karin Mack: Kunstwege ´70
Florian Halm

The Theatre of the Face - Portrait Photography
Naoko Kaltschmidt

Eugène Atget - Retrospektive
Peter Kunitzky



An online newspaper with a report on the history of the Slovenian partisans in Carynthia recently had to point out that because of the lack of an appropriate computer keyboard “unfortunately we cannot provide the correct orthography for Slovenian names.” But lately in Carynthia, local place name signs not only refused to provide the correct orthography; in some places the Slovenian names are missing entirely still today. Here the problem was most definitely not the lack of an appropriate computer keyboard.

Carynthian artist Ernst Logar has titled his current installation on Carynthian partisans Das Ende der Erinnerung [The End of Memory], which he will present this year at several historical sites in Vienna. Read Naoko Kaltschmidt on this in this issue of EIKON, which as usual provides an international survey in two languages of exciting artistic positions, this time from four countries!

is Austria’s grand dame of the Polaroid. Her large format works, produced with the unique camera that could be seen in use at our fifteenth jubilee celebration, is a homage to light and color, time and gesture. We are pleased to present these works on the 61st birthday of the Polaroid in the 61st issue of EIKON.

Pablo Picasso once said famously, “I don’t seek; I find.” Similarly, Dutch photographer DICK DUYVES goes on a journey to seemingly unspectacular places, revealing their magic by using his camera, giving the beholder an enduring sensation of excitement. At least that’s how it was for us when last fall we were able to present our Belgian focus issue #59 at Fotomuseum Antwerpen and were presented with this artist’s portfolio. Read more on this and everything else that happened to us in the second half of 2007 on pages 60 and 61.

The artistic work of MICHAEL HÖPFNER is also decidedly influenced by travel. Based on the travel photography of the nineteenth century, in his most recent project he asks tourists to pose before Potala Palace in Lhasa, thus evoking questions of identity. Those who allow themselves to participate in this adventure send their minds on a great journey.

When last year with AiR base a permanent exhibition site was opened for the artists-in-residence program at Vienna’s Quartier21, the first parts of a multimedia project by RODNEY PLACE could be shown; the artist’s residency in late 2006 was supported by EIKON. Angels of Stealth is a work in progress concerned with the challenges posed to a Europe that has expanded eastward. The work of URSULA MAYER develops in a different, fictional cosmos. In her scenarios populated with glamorous women, the winner of the Otto Mauer Prize in 2007 presents reflections on the seduction and manipulation of images. The works are entwined around patterns of staging and perception in photography and film and pose questions of the visible and invisible.

After reading this issue, those EIKON readers who up until now have only associated the name Troubadix with a comic book figure will never forget a second association, the new work in Edition EIKON by JORDI BERNADÓ: in this issue of EIKON you can learn a great deal about his interest in simulated habitats. In a time in which fantasy stories about “Dubai: The Country of the Day After Tomorrow”—as Der Spiegel recently put it—are increasingly in circulation, the hyper real habitats of Bernadó lead inexorably to the truth.

Considerations on the social and technological use of photography, based on this issues Artist Pages, are proposed by Günther Selichar, artist and professor for media art at Leipzig’s Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, in the subsequent essay: this is the start of a regular feature on media theory in EIKON.

Also read about the highlights of the photography art market in 2007, a new photography festival in Paris, or the passions of an Israeli collector.

And now: the EIKON events for the first half of 2008:
May 28–June 8: Student Pages 2007/08, an exhibition reviewing our cooperation with Vienna’s Universität für angewandte Kunst
June 11: Opening of the Luca Faccio exhibition at MUSA, a collaborative project of the City of Vienna and EIKON. In the first week of the European Championship, and in the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, Luca Faccio will show us what football can be. Read more about it in the next issue of EIKON.

Have fun reading, and stay on the ball!
Elisabeth M. Gottfried
And the whole team at EIKON


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