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Languages | german / english
Format | 210 x 280 mm
ISBN | 978-3-902250-37-7
88 pages

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Artist Pages

fair play
Lucas Gehrmann

20 Digital Years
Patricia Grzonka

Archives of Emotions
Nicole Haintzinger

Localization and Transformation
Claudia Weinzierl

A Building is Not a Building
Timothy Persons

Student Page

Markus Sulzbacher
Virgil Vidrich


Digital Culture in Vienna´s MQ
Ursula Hentschläger


Historical Photography at the Akademie der bildenden Künste. Monika Knofler & Monika Faber interviewed by
Johannes Stoll

Art Market

Olga Kronsteiner


Nan Hoover / Bill Viola. Some Times.
Andrea Winklbauer

Ansichtssache. Kunstraum NÖ / Fotogalerie Wien
Nina Schedlmayer

Guy Bourdin. A Message For You
Amrei Thaler

Miroslav Tichý. Obsessions in the Fixing Bath
Doris Lippitsch

Michael Najjar: Augmented Realities 1997-2008
Sherin Hamed

On Mythical Femininity in Yigal Ozeri
Claudia Maria Stemberger

Reviews (German only)

Luis Bunuel: Mexiko
Naoko Kaltschmidt

Andreas Müller-Pohle: The Danube River Project
Ronald Berg

Nikolaus Korab: Reise ins Innere
Katharina Manojlovic

Edgar Honetschläger: Tokyo Plain
Peter Kunitzky


This summer, Austria and Switzerland are hosting this year’s European soccer championships, EURO 2008. The mood at cultural establishments and initiatives in Vienna sways back and forth from happy expectation (record numbers of visitors, and therefore more attention, and hence profits) and panicked debates about the opening hours of a central cultural site like Museumsquartier because of the fear of destructive mobs of fans. From our point of view, this event gets the ball rolling in the most positive sense. Together with the City of Vienna, this most recent issue of EIKON will on June 11 be introduced at Museum auf Abruf—in the midst of the fan mile. The reason: the work Fair Play by Luca Faccio, whose exhibition will be opening that very same evening at MUSA. By choosing this prominent location, we expect to gain a new community of EIKON fans, a real win for the Austrian world of photography and media art.

With the presentation of LUCA FACCIO’s photo series on soccer, exploring those places where soccer is played beyond all media megaevents, EIKON presents itself as a player in this European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, emphasizing once more its function as a global player when it comes to communication on photography and media art: not just a well-illustrated art magazine, but also one that motivates reflection on social and political conditions.

2008 offers yet another reason for celebration: the twentieth anniversary of the founding of STATION ROSE, the artist duo that was at the center of transdisciplinary artistic activities at a time when the Internet community was still quite small, and that year founded the eponymous legendary destination in Vienna for those interested in media art. Both now and then, Station Rose has always represented a certain attitude in contemporary media art in which the world of the visual and the acoustic are fused in a kind of digital Gesamtkunstwerk. Parallel to this issue of EIKON, Kunsthalle Vienna will be showing at the Ursula Blickle Videolounge their current work 20 Digitale Jahre.

Quartier21/Museumsquartier now houses a new center for the communication of media art: QDK, or Quartier für digitale Kultur, founded last year. EIKON is a new member of QDK, and as a magazine and an international communication medium will in the future be reporting regularly on events at QDK. Read the extensive report in this issue’s Forum.

Kunsthalle Wien also cooperates with EIKON in the simultaneous presentation of the most recent works of ANJA MANFREDI. Phenomena of social communication are central to her work, which she understands as staging, construction, and fictionalizing what she has directly observed, things that have directly moved her.

The presentation of Manfredi’s works also marks the opening of another new site: the magazine’s first permanent presentation space, EIKON’s display window as part of Quartier21’s Electric Avenue. Beginning this June, this will become a showplace for Austria’s photography and media art, where EIKON will present the current edition with new projects.

With EDGAR LISSEL and OLA KOLEHMAINEN we present two further artists whose works make space palpable in very different ways. Lissel, who is continuously occupied with the intersection between inside and outside directs our attention to aesthetic phenomena that surface in academic work and scientific experiments. So, when bacteria communicating one another become the protagonists of a cosmic-seeming film or photoactic bacteria trace out the silhouettes of organic objects.

Ola Kolehmainen is considered one of the most important representatives of the Helsinki school. In his large format views of facades, he brings concrete in motion and allows steel to bend. In constantly questioning what we really see, he gives through precisely selected framing our everyday language a new vocabulary.

This past year EIKON introduced our new rubric Student Page (more on this in EIKON 58 and 59), which is being realized in 2007/2008 in cooperation with Vienna’s Universität für angewandte Kunst. Due to the positive response, we are now expanding the rubric to two pages. We are celebrating the one-year anniversary with an exhibition that gives the students the possibility of presenting their work more extensively at the lovely rooms of Schloss Wolkersdorf. The kick off for this will be on May 28, the day this issue of EIKON will appear, featuring reviews of the photography collection at the Kupferstichkabinett in Vienna’s Akademie der bildenden Künste, numerous exhibitions, and much more.

Now you have the ball, for EIKON is the world’s loveliest pastime.
Elisabeth M. Gottfried, and the whole team at EIKON




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