Eikon - Internationale Zeitschrift für Photographie und Medienkunst
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EIKON magazine targets a broad audience interested in photography and media art. EIKON readers include artists, art and media scholars, filmmakers, gallery owners, art collectors, and museum and exhibition visitors as well as a large number of students, trainees and apprentices.

The target audience also includes people from creative fields such as design, architecture, graphic design, and publishing, and comprises many international public figures in contemporary art.

Print run: up to 2.000

Language: German/English

Published quarterly

Dates 2018:

Issue #101: March 8, 2018
- Press deadline: February 14, 2018
- Materials deadline: February 21, 2018

Issue #102: June 7, 2018
- Press deadline: May 16, 2018
- Materials deadline: May 23, 2018

Issue #103: September 4, 2018
- Press deadline: August 14, 2018
- Materials deadline: August 22, 2018

Issue #104: November 15, 2018
- Press deadline: October 22, 2018
- Materials deadline: October 29, 2018

Technical information:

Format: 280 x 210 mm (landscape)

Bleed: 3 mm

Printing information:
Cover: 4/4 color (CMYK), Artboard Duo, matt cellophane finish, 400g
Color pages: 4/4 color (CMYK), GardaArt matt, 150g
Black and white pages: 1/1 color (Black), Cyclus Print, 100g

Final Assembly: Stitched jointing

Printing Techniques: CTP, Offset printing

Information for Advertisers:
Print-ready PDF (PDF-X, no OPI information), all used fonts embedded, 4 color images in CMYK
Figures need have a resolution of at least 300 dpi
Color Management Guidelines: 4/4 color: Euroscale Coated, 1/1 color: Greyscale

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Museumsplatz 1, e-1.6
A-1070 Vienna